cheap nba Jerseys from china Madhya Pradesh is coming to grips with vegetable vendors turning superspreaders of coronavirus, by organising the sale of vegetables and implementing a new guideline for street vendors to cut the chain of transmission of the diseaseOf late, Ujjain, one of the major Covid 19 hotspots, has introduced an almost contactless method of vegetable sales at the doorsteps and is even training vendors to accept digital payment instead of letting cash exchange hands. Residents are also being encouraged to purchase baskets of vegetables priced at Rs 50 and Rs 100 instead of choosing, a process conducive to the spread of the contagionBesides, every vendor is being trained to make customized vegetable packets apart from using sanitisers during the sale. Around 100 vendors have been pressed to service 59 wards in Ujjain and they are packing vegetables in cloth bags instead of plastic onesEarlier, it was Indore that experimented with the selling of custom sized vegetable baskets instead of loose items.

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